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Vi Chronicles: How to Raise a Thief

Hi World, My  mother, Violet, had two sisters and seven kids. I was the youngest of my mother’s kids, and the youngest cousin. On the day I learned to steal, the three sisters, Vi (my mother), Tee and Lula,  found themselves a pick-up truck and a willing teen-age driver.  They packed a cooler with ice,…

Hi World, A few weeks before my daughter gave birth she asked me what I wanted to be called. Did I want to be called Nana?  Grandma? Grammie? MeeMaw? “What kind of baby are you having?”, I asked. “What do you mean?” S asked.  “Like, am I having a chicken baby or an asparagus baby or…

Don’t try this at home, Kids…

Hi World, Littleb became very attached to his bicycle helmet and wanted to wear it to school. Because we are sensitive new age parents who never stifle our child’s sense of self and creative expression regardless of how maladjusted it makes our entire family look, we let him.  He is going through a super hero stage and we…

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