Apparently Giving the Dad in Your Life a Grill for Father’s Day is the Equivalent of Giving Your Mother a Vacuum. And Don’t Take Him To Your Favorite Restaurant Either.

Me:  littleb, what do you want to get Dad for Father’s Day. littleb:  I don’t know. I have to think about it. Me:  I was thinking maybe we could get him a new grill littleb: Then he’ll think you want him to cook for us. Me:  He’d be right. littleb:  But that would be a…

Friday Class

Good morning, Class. Good morning, Mrs. Chicken Today let us discuss the word, “Friday”.  Wikipedia reports that the word Friday is thought to have come from the Latin, dies generis, or Day of Venus.  In the Greek language, however, the word for Friday is Paraskevi, which is derived from a word meaning ‘to prepare’ and this is…

Mary Ann, Come Get Your Bird

I woke up to the call of a persistent bird.  “Mary ANN….Mary ANN……Mary ANN”.  Whoever Mary ANN is, she’s in trouble…I keep waiting for the bird to say Mary ANN MARIE WALKER SMITH HOOLIGAN, GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE RIGHT NOW AND DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AND GET YOU.  But so far, it’s…

We Do or We Don’t

If we all exist and are not a product of our imaginations, than we either all do matter or we all don’t.  There’s either a purpose for each of us or none of us. Maybe some of us are audience members for some others of us or maybe some of us are catalysts for others…

I’m not sure if this post is about a fridge with a camera or about how I’m jealous of the millennials

I’ve been noticing a commercial lately;  a woman-she might be famous but I’m not sure-is constructing some kind of fruit masterpiece, and some guy who may or may not be her husband calls from the grocery store  and asks if they have eggs. She’s busy scooping watermelon, so she asks him to look.  He goes…

Monday, Monday

I always start new things on Mondays. I’m predictable that way, I guess.  Why not start a new routine on a Wednesday or a Thursday?  I don’t know. I need Sunday to prepare.  Usually, new routines require some planning, possibly even shopping.  At the very least, pondering is required.  Daydreaming…. Oh my gosh, you guys,…

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