Ain’t No Big Thang

Hi World, This morning I woke up thinking, “It ain’t no big thang” and now I can’t stop thinking it.  This means one of several things.  It could be I read the phrase on one of the many blogs I perused last night.  It could mean I had a dream last night that I do not remember. Unless…

Chicken Math

Good morning, World: Once again there is no sleep for the Chicken.  Not even the Rockstar Fantasy helped tonight.  So that means another random, middle of the night post.  Your favorite, right?  And LOOK!  I figured out how to do a proper link.  Oh I know this is a small thing for you pro-bloggers but I…

Shout Out To GG

I miss you GG.  Where are you?Come forth and reveal yourself. Send another postable email.  I really need to know what your guilty pleasures are these days.  While we are waiting, here are some household tasks that my family believes the faeries must be responsible for: Refill all the salt and pepper shakersChange sheetsRecycle the old magazinesRecycle…

Chicken Upon Request..

Hi World: My good friend and very loyal reader, CB, recently suggested I blog on one of the following: “My secret guilty pleasure…” “Things I have wasted money on…”“One life changing event I wish I could re-experience…” “Some of my favorite things… (sans the raindrops, roses, whiskers, kittens, mittens…)”“The Oscars…” “Toys I miss from my…

The Great Equalizer

Hi World. I was in the grocery store tonight and the Enquirer caught my eye.  On its cover were several unflattering photographs of female “superstars” in their bathing suits with the caption, “Worst Bodies”.  Nice. At first I thought, “that’s pretty awful, taking a picture of someone in their bathing suit without their permission and…

Chicken Comments on the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Hi World: Did anyone else forget their pre-Olympics closing ceremonies LSD hit tonight? Because.  Wow! Dancing Mounties, a live hockey puck, Canadian hockey players, Michael Buble, ladies in maple leafs…..and that even all kinda makes sense.  Except in the Chicken household there is a question as to whether the Mounties were actually Mounties or paid Mountie…

Chicken Takes NY by Storm

Hi World, I’m in NY today writing from the Algonquin Hotel.  It has been snowing since I got here.  Thus the title.  I am not taking NY by storm, I just seem to have brought some northern weather JuJu with me.  The Algonquin is a beautiful old NY hotel with a house cat named Matilda…

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