Chicken’s Dirty Laundry…

Hi World, I’ll bet you are thinking, here we go, Chicken has a scandalous secret to tell, a skeleton to reveal, some primo gossip. Or maybe she’s just drinking the wine again, which can also be entertaining… Nope.  Just needed to entice you to come out and play and when I asked your mother, she…

Irish Stew

This is for Anonymous who suggested that I post a recipe for Irish Stew.  Rocking idea, Anonymous! Here you go…. Irish Stew: Method of Preparation:  SimmerTime for preparation:  30 minutes (please note holding time)Cooking time:  2 daysLevel of difficulty:  Easy even for special people (like me)Tips:  Beware the Ides of March Ingredients:Main Ingredient:  One Irish Husband1…

Life is a Highway…

Hi World: Did you ever wake up in the morning fully prepared, “To Do” list in hand, knowing what needed to be done, and chomping at the bit to get down to it? I had such a morning. And then, did you ever go about your morning only to discover that this day God has…

Chicken Logic

Hi World, This morning, littleb stubbed his toe on a stool in the kitchen.  He was not really hurt seeing as he had boots and socks on, but he asked for a band-aid for his toe. littleb, like most kids his age, has an obsession with band-aids, stickers, and anything round (rocks, balls, tires, lollipops,…

At Home With Chicken

Ahhh, World, So happy you could attend my little soiree. Kiss Kiss. I’m having wine. Would you care for some, or perhaps something a bit stronger? Canape?  How have you been?  How’s your mother? Let me tell you about my day: BigB has a tradition I like to call, “Inviting Strangers Into Our Home”. Inevitably,…

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